Outstanding child Psychological and Educational evaluations in Scottsdale, Arizona

You have been watching your child's learning and development closely. Your child isn't meeting milestones and has challenging behaviors. You are concerned but hope your child will grow out of it. Years go by with little change. Now in school, your child is struggling to learn. You get constant calls from teachers and the school because of problem behaviors, and your child is struggling to make and keep friends. At home, you find yourself giving constant reminders, frustrated at your child's inability to complete simple daily routines. Your child expresses fear and worries that just do not seem rational but reasoning does not help.

You have known for a long time that something isn't right. You want to have answers, so you can finally learn how to help your child. Imagine having a plan that gives you treatments, resources, and the knowledge needed to help your child learn, develop, and succeed.

We would be honored to help you.


At Prism, our passion is to help parents find answers and understanding to help their child succeed at home, school, and in life. We achieve this by providing high-quality, comprehensive, child psychological and educational evaluations. We specialize in diagnostic evaluations for autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, dyslexia/learning disorders, and anxiety/depression.

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