Children with giftedness demonstrate significantly above average intelligence or talents in one or more areas, which might include math, language, music, art, etc. Each state also has definitions for giftedness, so that gifted students can be provided with an education that is tailored to meet their unique needs. Each school district has different score requirements for children to gain entrance into their specific gifted programs. 

What is giftedness?

Why test for giftedness? 

This information can be used to help with educational planning or decision making. In public school settings, teachers may refer students for testing due to exceptional skills that they are demonstrating in the classroom setting. This information can then be used to enter gifted programs.


In some situations, a child receives testing through the schools but just misses the cut-off criteria for entrance into a gifted program. At other times, parents or teachers may feel that the testing results did not reflect the student’s abilities. In these cases, a parent might choose to have their child tested privately to obtain additional information that can be used for gifted eligibility. At PRISM, we use state-approved tests for giftedness, that can be used for gifted placement.